Dream Mushroom Bars

Dream chocolate bars is a new mushroom bar for micro dosing. The dream bars are one of the most in demand psychedelic chocolate bars of 2024 due to their superior quality and long lasting high. Though a new comer to the psychedelic bar industry, dream mushroom bars are already competing with more established names such as polka dot, fusion bars and one up mushroom. Our psilocybin dream chocolate bars are made with the finest couverture chocolate and mushrooms of the highest quality. It will leave you tripping for a good while.

Dream Away
Dream Away

Benefits of Dream Bars?

The benefits of dream mushroom bars are quite similar to that from other psychedelic mushroom chocolates. However, what makes dream chocolate unique is the potency of the strains used while making our chocolate bars causing the short, intense trip that hits you hard at first. This leads to a full body high, finally leaving you in a completely relaxed state. It is guaranteed to have you passed out on the couch for hours. With dream shroom bars, you are guaranteed to have a trip that is out of this world.


Increased Focus

Our dream mushroom bars lead to a higher level of focus. It inspires creativity and is perfect for struggling writers and musicians.


Reduce Depression

Our dream bars have been shown to combat depression and improve once mood. Don’t believe us try it for yourself.


Reduce Stress

Similar to depression, the dream chocolate bars are perfect for those under a lot of stress. It has a relaxing and sedative effect that will relieve you of stress.


Stimulate Brain Cell Growth

Studies have also shown that dream bars stimulate the growth of brain cells. What more do you want ?

Dream Mushroom Bar Flavors

The dream bars team decided to release 5 unique flavors. Our team took time to perfectly craft one of the best shroom chocolate bars in 2024. Our dream chocolate bars are made with the highest quality chocolate combined with some of the most potent mushroom strains. Treat yourself to our enchanting assortment of dream mushroom. The ultimate fusion of taste and merriment awaits! Add a dash of joy to every bite! A few of the dream bars flavors include:

  • Cookies & Cream Dream Bar
  • Milk Chocolate Dream Bar
  • Rocky Road Dream Bar
Dream Chocolate Bars

Dosing With Dream Bars

— 01


This is the recommended dose for beginners experimenting with our bars and those microdosing. This causes brain stimulation with dream bars

— 02


This dosage is recommended for intermediate users. This is morethan micro dosing and such amouts of dream chocolate bars lead to enhanced sense of joy.

— 03


This dosage is recommended for expert users. This level leads to hallucinations and supernatural experience. This is not for everyone.

Embrace the Sweet Symphony of Magic Dream Mushroom

Dream mushroom chocolate bar is a carefully crafted confection that blends premium chocolate with the mystical properties of mushrooms, delivering an innovative and immersive experience. Let’s delve into the key aspects that make dream bars so captivating:

1. Gourmet Chocolate:  Dream chocolate bar starts with the finest quality chocolate. The smooth and velvety texture of the chocolate creates a luxurious mouthfeel, while the rich flavor envelops your taste buds, tantalizing them with its indulgent sweetness.

2. Psychedelic Mushroom Infusion: What sets dream mushroom bars apart is the infusion of psychedelic mushrooms. These mushrooms contain psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound known for its mind-altering effects. Each bar is carefully dosed(4g) to provide a harmonious balance between the flavors of chocolate and the transformative properties of mushrooms.

3. Precise Dosage and Quality Control: Dream mushroom chocolate bar is crafted with precision and quality control in mind. 4 grams of psilocybin is carefully measured to ensure a consistent and safe experience for consumers. Additionally, reputable manufacturers prioritize rigorous testing and compliance with legal and safety standards to ensure a high-quality product. Try willy wonka bar today too!

Each chocolate is carefully infused with a customized formula for consistent, premium quality bars you can rely on.

Dream Mushroom Bars: Top Mushroom Chocolate Brand for 2024

Welcome to the fascinating realm of magic mushrooms, where the delicious and the exceptional collide! Dream is a company that believes in the power of nature’s hidden gems, and our chocolate mushroom bars are a delightful way to explore flavor and discover new things. As we delve into the mysterious world of magic mushrooms, get ready to have your taste buds tantalized and your mind expanded.


Our bars provide the ideal option for anyone looking for a delicious treat with a unique twist because we blend the rich, smooth flavor of chocolate with the possible wellness benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Dream mushroom bars are a brand-new chocolate bar made with magic mushrooms that gained popularity very fast because of their excellent quality. Dream chocolate bars are a pleasant and unusual combination of fine chocolate with carefully selected mushrooms that provide a unique flavor experience. 


The effects of our dream bars are fairly comparable to those of other mushroom chocolates made with mushrooms. But the strength of the strains we employ to manufacture our chocolate bars is what sets Dream apart. You will undoubtedly pass out on the couch after watching it. You will undoubtedly have an incredible trip when using dream shroom bars.



Dream Mushroom Bars

Have a dream with dream mushroom bars

Dream bars

About us

Dream Chocolate Bars

Dream mushroom chocolate bars is one of the fastest growing psilocybin chocolate brands in the market. It is a California based brand that was founded in the tail end of 2022.

Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what many of our loyal clients have to say about dream bars.

Dream mushroom bars have saved my life. I used to have chronic pains still I started using dream bars . Definitely one of the best in the market.
Arda Laine
I used to suffer from insomnia, till a friend of mine gave me a dream chocolate bar. That was the best sleep I had in ages. Never looked back ever since.
Dream bars are simply the best. I have been experimenting with mushrooms ever since I lost my husband and can say dream mushroom bars are the best.
Alisa Hester
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