Deja Vu Dream Bar


Savor the Magic: Exploring the Wonders of Deja Vu Dream Bar

Presenting Deja Vu Dream Bars, mushroom chocolate bar’s newest decadence. With only the best ingredients, these gorgeous bars of chocolate covered in beneficial mushrooms. Provides the ideal balance of rich, velvety chocolate and health advantages. 4.4 grams of carefully chosen mushrooms included in each bar. Which is intended to improve your overall health and sensory experience. Deja vu bar is a great option for anyone who like chocolate and wellness because it promises to take you on a trip of flavor and wellbeing with every bite.

The delightful combination of premium chocolate and psilocybin in the deja vu dream bar designed for both dreamers and intellectuals. This bar offers a distinct take on the psychedelic experience by including a precisely calibrated dosage of psilocybin, usually 4 grams per bar. Its purpose is to take the user to a state where the past and present merge.

What are the Benefits of Deja Vu Dream Bars?

Deja vu edibles are an excellent example of creativity and excellence. For individuals who want to add the health advantages of mushrooms to their daily routine in a tasty and practical way, these bars are ideal. Deja vu dream bar offers an opulent and practical answer for any occasion, whether you’re looking for a quick fix, an increase in mental clarity, or a method to unwind after a stressful day. Don’t pass on this special and life-changing treat.

Deja vu dream bars provide the combined benefits of high-quality chocolate and functional mushrooms. These benefits may include improved mental clarity, enhanced mood, increased energy levels, and overall well-being.

Can I use Deja Vu Bar for Microdosing?

Yes, it is possible to use deja vu mushroom bars for microdosing. They are precisely formulated so you can break them off into smaller pieces to take the right amount.

-Microdose (0.1–0.25 grams): A hint of nostalgia and mild cognitive advantages that make the commonplace seem remarkable.
-Mild Experience (0.5–1 gram): Subtle emotional and visual changes that bring old memories to life from a fresh angle.
-Experience Level 1 (1-2.5 grams): A deeper delve into dreamy states of awareness where memories and imaginations mix with reality.
-2.5–4 grams of intense experience: A deep dive into the inner workings of the mind that may open the subconscious and bring long-forgotten memories or premonitions back to life.



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